If you have a wooden kayak or canoe that is in need of either repairing or refinishing, I offer these services as well.

Repairing a Damaged Wooden Kayak or Boat

As strong and durable as fiberglass-reinforced wooden kayaks are, they are still susceptible to certain types of damage. These include broken bow and stern tips, deep scratches and dents, and even holes in the deck or hull.

All of these can be repaired fairly quickly and inexpensively, and below is an example of a recent repair job I made on a friend’s kayak. Both the cockpit coaming and the bow tip were damaged during a household move.

Refinishing a Worn or Neglected Kayak or Boat

Typically, a wooden kayak that has the normal three coats of epoxy and three coats of varnish will last upwards of four to six years without needing any additional maintenance. However, if the boat has been exposed to more severe use such as continual launches and recoveries over rocky or concrete ramps, and contact with rocky outcrops while paddling, it may be necessary to refinish the worn areas.

Likewise, a boat that has been neglected over the years for whatever reason may need to be refinished to bring it back to like-new condition. In these cases, the neglected areas (and in some cases, the entire boat), needs to be aggressively sanded, followed by coats of epoxy and finally, marine varnish.

Here are some examples of a kayak that has been neglected and damaged by coming in contact with rocky outcrops. All of these surface blemishes can be sanded out, and then recoated with epoxy and varnish.

And, finally, below, are images of the finished product after several hours of sanding, one coat of epoxy, and two coats of varnish.