New and Used Wooden Kayaks, Boats, and Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUPs) for Sale

Kayak Building FAQS


I have launched our boats off concrete ramps, paddled over rocks, broken ice, and even (accidentally, of course) caved in a garage door panel with the kayak strapped to the top of our car (no damage to the kayak.)

The process is called “stitch and glue”. Thin boards of Okoume marine plywood are “stitched” together with short pieces of thin wire, and the boards are shaped around temporary forms. A layer of fiberglass cloth is wetted out on all the surfaces with marine epoxy. The finish is typically high gloss varnish.

Please see the Construction process page for more details.

Yes. After a few years of use, it’s very easy to sand out scratches and dings. By applying a couple of coats of varnish, the surface is restored to its near original condition.

Shipping is free within 300 miles of either Atlanta or Western North Carolina. For destinations outside these areas, there is a graduated scale of between $50-$200 within the continental U.S.

Yes, I can repair just about any damage to most wooden boats, from holes to severe scratches and dents. I can also refinish the entire kayak to bring it back to like new condition. Please see an example of a repair/refinish job on the Repair/Refinish wooden kayaks page.